Again the American film industry has given example and shown the world how it respects and values itīs black actors! America has consistantly shown the world over past 40 years more and more that not only white men are to be considered world class actors and that black male actors DO have audience appeal and box office draw!

In 2002 a black actress (Hallie Berry) and actor (Denzel Washington) were given the industryīs top honours as best actor and actress and gave the
world a shock! Thank you America for showing the world how itīs done!

When Heidi Klum became pregnant by her,much celebrated by Germany playboy boyfriend (Flavio Briatore), a blackman was there to pick up the pieces of her broken and stepped on heart, Seal! First he was there as a friend and then as her man. Great! Germanyīs prize show piece to the world showed Germany that she puts value on the person and not the color, she gave the blackman in Germany a tremendous boost of confidence!! Thank you Heidi!!

I am asked often by many people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland why there arenīt more black male actors in leading roles in locally produced films. I never have an answer for them because I canīt understand it either! There is a blackman in almost every group of friends nowadays in Europe, so why not in film or TV series also?

Black males are usually given small unimportant roles. Itīs very rarely a larger or leading role. I was very lucky and privileged to receive a leading role in the SAT1 film (Das wilde Leben-Dec. 2003). Itīs almost been
1 1/2 years and the film still hasnīt been shown yet! Iīm thinking that SAT1 has a problem with showing it because in the film Iīm in bed with a white actress. We also kiss each other. Maybe this is too much for SAT1, I donīt know but i hope not!

Black males can not only sing, rap and dance, we can also act! We only need more chances to prove that we can be a VERY valuable asset to the European film industry and we really can be!! Take the chance Europe and let us show you the gold mine youīve been passing up all these years!!