It's not easy being an American in Europe today!! Because of the tension around the seemingly unpreventable upcoming war in Iraq, anti-Americanism is riding high! It's very hard to carry on a conversation today without hearing how much of a "War Hound" my President is. Yes, he wants to kick Saddam's ass! He has his reasons and there are many reasons why I and many others believe he shouldn't.

When New York was attacked on September 11, 2001, the whole world felt the pain with America and we're still feeling it now. The world was also ready to lend a hand to help. America was very greatful for it. America saw that they could count on their friends in the time of need.

Since the attack, America has gone after suspected associates of those responsible for the attack to bring them to justice. Some of the methods of catching these criminals were not excepted by all countries of the world, but because of those actions a lot more planned terrorist attacks were proved to be prevented.

Whatever the problems may be between America and Iraq, I hope and pray that they can be solved with discussions and not bombs! I like many others, don't want a war now or any time in the near future.