Words can’t express the utter joy, happiness, fullfillment and love I feel now. I am very proud to be a black American! I am so proud of my countrymen for making a decision that has virtually changed the way America and the World feels about it’s future overnight! It’s amazing how the inspiration of Barack Obama can touch peoples hearts and minds in every corner of this planet. This is a very special moment in our World’s history that every adult alive will be able to remember until the day they die!

Barack Obama was elected with the largest percentage of the popular vote since Lyndon Johnson in 1964, near to a landslide.138 years after the blackman was first allowed to vote in America, we have come from being a slave to and in America, to being excepted in America and finally to being President of America........and this can only happen in America!

YES WE CAN........YES – HE – DID!!!