This year begins as no other year has as far as I can remember! For once the entire world has come together for a united cause!! To help support a part of the world that was destroyed by the Tsunami! Itīs sadly a natural occurance in this world that we have no control over and that brings the world together to help those affected.

Itīs too bad that it takes something like this to make the countries of the world realize that we are all just one big family! Many people who live in the crisis area have lost everything that they had or all that was dear to them and have to start anew. The tourists from the many parts of the world who were visiting Thailand and the surrounding Islands that were affected, can fly back to their countries and their homes and continue on with their lives, but with a painful memory of what they experienced! They donīt have it easy either, but their lives will be affected minimally unless they were one of the tragic ones who lost one or more loved ones to the Tsunami. I ask all of you to join me in a prayer for those affected and if you are able to give a few Euroīs to the cause, please do it!!

I wish you all a Happy New Year and much happiness in your lives and success in your chosen careers!