TV FILMS


"Julia and the Officer"
ZDF/ORF Fernsehfilm
Director: Thomas Kronthaler
Supporting Role: Sam Price

Was broadcast on May 11, 2014

ARD/ARTE Television film
Director: Jan Peter
Supporting role: Kislar Agasi

"Safari ins Glueck"
SAT 1 Television film
Director: Peter Gersina
Supporting role: Jay

"Computer Crash 2000"
SAT 1 Television film
Director: Anders Engström
Role: Daddy

Awarded the German Short-film pirze in 2000
Director: Mirjam Kubescha
Supporting role

"Gefaehrliche Hochzeit"
ARD/HR Television film
Director: Konrad Sabrautzky
Role: Jon

Swatch Commercial for the Godzilla Film campaign
Director: Regie Liberato Maraia
Lead role

Director:  Eshmaeil Aghel-Pour
Role: Jon

"Geboren 1999"
SWF Television film
Director: Kai Wesel
Role: Agent


"Alexander Kunz Theatre" Saarbrücken
November 2010 - February 2011
November 2011 - February 2012
Star- Singer

"Palazzo Mannheim"
November 2009 - February 2010
Star- Singer

"I Have a Dream"
The Martin Luther King Story
Tour thoughout Germany, Swizterland, Austria and Italy
March - April 2006
December 2004  -  30. January 2005
Director: Cilino Bleiweiss
Roles: Malcolm X / Andrew Young

"Little Shop of Horrors"
Olma Halle, St. Gallen, Swizerland
December 2003 – 30 January 2004
Director: Bruno Broder
Lead role: Voice of the Man-Eating plant

"Eligies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens"
Frankfurter Hof in Mainz, Germany
April 1995
Director: Christopher Holt
Supporting role: Paul

"Jesus Christ Superstar"
Landestheater Rudolstadt/Thueringen
Jan - Feb 1992 / January 1993
Director: Peter P. Pachl
Lead role


Ein Fall für Zwei Episodes

"Ein todsicheres Geschaeft"
September 1997
ZDF Television series
: Bernhard Stephan
Role: Louis

"Toedliche Zinsen"
September 1994
Film synopsis in German
ZDF Television series
Director: Rolf Luccini
Role:  Businessman

"Tod eines Kuenstlers"Foto
Maerz 1994
Film syynopsis in German

ZDF Television series
Director: Dagmar Damek
Role: Jean

Fertig Lustig,
"Besuch aus Hollywood"

Swiss Television (SF1) series
Director: Norbert Schultze Jr.
Role: Bodyguard

Die Wache,
"Doppeltes Spiel"

RTL Television series
Director: John van de Rest
Supporting role: Charlie

Schwarz greift ein
SAT 1 Television series
Director: Klaus Gietinger
Role: Bouncer

Der Landarzt,
"Daenishes Intermezzo" - Foto
ZDF Television series
Director: Manfred Mosblech
Supporting role: Fernando

"Der Rastplatzmoerder"

ARD TV series
Director: Sylvia Hoffmann
Role: Suspect

SWF/ARD Mini-Series
Episode: Pfaelzer Gastfreundschaft
Director: Peter Weckert
Lead role: Tono

WDR/ARD/SWF Anti-Prejudice Commercial
Director: Hans-Joerg Thurn
Lead role

Die Motorrad Cops,
"Operation Toter Mann"

RTL Television series
Director: Raoul W. Heimrich
Role: CIA Agent Moore