The title "Singer" is so often missused today that whenever someone says that he or she is a singer, the first thing that comes to mind is oh God, another "Wanna-be Superstar!!"

It's sad that there are so many "you can be a star" shows that cheapen the words "Singer and Performer". Being able to sing and perform is a talent that can't be won on any TV show. You're either born with it or learned it through years of experience. I'm sick and tired of all these shows where the only thing they're looking for is someone to show. It's not about talent anymore. It's about if your bra size is big enough or you look like Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams or willing to make an absolute fool out of yourself! Anything other than the above, you don't have a chance! Oh I forgot to add that you must be under the age of 25!

When will it end?